Private and discreet computer services by appointment only, ensuring the safety and security of your data and personal information. 
Deal with only ONE computer technician.
No outsourcing.
Some work can be done at your home or place of business.
High Performance Upgrades for Windows and Mac Laptops and Desktops.


Windows, Mac, Linux repairs. Troubleshooting, RAM, replacement of broken screens. Parts, Power Supply, Motherboards, Software Upgrades.
Backup all of your data.
Disposal of your old computer parts. AZ Discreet Computer routinely donates computer parts to the Boy Scouts of America.
Upon trade-in or donation, all of your data is transferred, and all hard drives are wiped. 


Removal of spyware, viruses, trojans, malware and viruses. Resoration of data and programs.
Installation of home security and business survelliance systems.
Is your computer running slow? Browser hijacked? Seeing unwanted popups, experiencing redirects and advertising you didn't authorize? Complete computer lock-up? Call for an appointment to bring your computer in now.  


Refurbished PC and MAC Laptops and Desktops are available for purchase.
We also accept newer trade-ins. Please call or email us with make & model.
Custom built desktops, laptops & specialty Gaming Computers.
All items under warranty unless otherwise noted.
Have you purchased computer parts already & are having a hard time installing them yourself? We can help you.  *Link opens to our sister-site


Scottsdale Performance
Laptops and Desktops.
Upgrade your current computer, or purchase a fully refurbished high speed computer
for home or work.
Windows AND Mac machines available.  Yes, we can handle upgrades for your entire workforce.  Custom built machines and gaming set-ups available. 
WiFi Extenders
Issues with Cox, Century Link, Xfinity handled in home or office. *Link opens to our sister-site             

PC & Mac, Linux Repair 
We can Come to you
Honest & Professional
All repairs done by ONE technician
NO outsourcing!
Privacy - Anonymity - Confidentiality
Crash & Data Recovery
(We recover what other companies say they can't!)
Discreet Data Transfer
OS Installation PC, MAC, LINUX
Re-Install Programs
Fix Software & Driver Issues
Spyware, Virus Removal
Restore System Programs
Batteries & Power Supply
Broken Screen Replacement
RAM, Memory Upgrades Motherboards
SSD (Solid State) Hard Drives
Network & IT Set Up & Security
Re-Wiring Home & Office
New Computer & Network Setup
Wifi & Bluetooth Issues
Cable & Internet  Issues
Resolve issues with your internet provider
Home Automation
Home Theater Installs
Sound System Installation
Install Software & Firewalls
Consulting on all things Tech 
Vehicle Security Systems
Business & Home Surveillance
Refurbished WINDOWS and PC Laptops for Sale in Scottsdale
Newer Trade-ins Considered

Featured Item - Performance!


Nvidia Geforce GT620 Video Card
Intel Core i5 3.1 Ghz Processor
New 120 Gig OS, 250 Gig Doc Drive
8 Gig RAM / WiFi / Bluetooth
DVD RW Drive
4 USB 2.0 / 4 USB 3 Ports
Windows 10 Pro / Office
Anti Virus / Anti Malware
1Yr Warranty

Call for our current inventory as it is always changing!

Laptops & Desktops

Many Refurbished Laptops and Desktops for Sale
Call us now, to ask which laptops we have available! We get computers and laptops in all the time at prices that can't be beat. All refurbishing is done by a professional technician. We also take trade-ins or will buy your broken computers (PC Windows 8 or newer please) Inventory changes daily.  
Buy is not a brick-and-mortar retail store, so what we save on overhead, we pass along to our clients.
We Offer Full Parts and services Including: Data Recovery, OS Installation, SSD Hard Drive Upgrades, Memory Upgrades, Data Transfer,Screen Replacement, Batteries, Power Supplies and more. 

Client Testimonials

"I have used AZ Discreet Computers for computer repair
for over 5 years and rate then 5 stars. The BEST"

John Nagy

"AZ Discreet Computers are the best by far. Their tech is a genius. They have been the IT support for our company for over ten years. We have also used them for personal computers (MAC and PC) They have recovered lost data that the big companies said was gone. " 

Scott Young

"I have both purchased and had repairs done at this company and the quality and knowledge of the staff is unparalleled. I will go here for all my needs in AZ.!"

Paul Reynolds


AZ DISCREET COMPUTERS has been in operation since 2007, in connection with Overdrive Customs LLC,,, Providing full service computer repair to Scottsdale, AZ and the Valley area.  Home & Business Services. Fair and honest prices. More testimonials can be viewed on Google.
Our goal is to provide superior and highly personalized tech services for the discriminating client. We pride ourselves on being trustworthy at all times, and making sure our clients' needs are taken care of.  All questions are answered promptly and professionally. 
For your business: AZ Discreet Computers (aka AZDC Computers) will always try to work around your business schedule. We can work during hours your company/store is closed, so that your systems are up and ready to go by the start of the business day.  
Our Tech is one of the best in the business, with 5 star ratings in all divisions, whether it's computer-related, security/surveillance, home theater / home audio, car audio, home automation and all things electronic.  Just vacationing in the Phoenix area? We love our "snowbirds". Give us a call for any computer needs while you're in town.
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